A break


Today I will take a break from blogging on dating to talk about a very controversy topic probably crucifiable in the western democratic point of view but it must be said. Bewildered. That’s what yesterday’s daily prompt was.

I am sure everyone is wondering, why is China growing faster than India? Well, I did question it myself. And this morning at breakfast@work, the topic came up amongst my German bosses & co-workers.

I found an article from World Health that suggested back in 2013 that the disparity lied in the level of literacy and health (life span); a co-worker said caste system was to blame; another co-worker started to criticise the human rights in China immediately.

That’s the thing about western democratic view. While democracy is good – who doesn’t like to have equal rights?! but it is actually very bureaucratic too because you have to listen to ALL viewpoints! If you don’t then protests will cripple the system and you only come to a standstill.

The WH article also mentioned China’s one ruling party vs India British pseudo democratic system.

For the advancement of an economy, certain measures taken are needed to expedite the exponential growth. Remember the westerners method of cleansing the aboriginals in every country – Australia, US, Asia etc? It is the same concept for countries like China who want a “quick path” to excellence. They will relocate you so that they can develop the infrastructure of the place. A few sacrifices for the future as I see it. That’s how Singapore grew to be a developed country status from an under-developed nation in a short 50 years. Ask a western country how long it took them. The question is, do you want to be backwards or do you want World Class living standards (it does have a huge price to pay).

One thing I always ask myself are these:

The End justifies the Means


The Means justifies the End?

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